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March 08 2016


Advantages and Limitations of Organic Farmers Need to Know

For small farmers worldwide, the different perks of managing an organic farm include a low capital investment and a high premium. They also have the possibility of higher premiums in the market.

According to a study conducted, small farmers in Latin America, China and India can greatly benefit from managing an organic farm. Doing so will aid in alleviating the poverty levels in these countries. Organic-centered farming refers to ways and means that don't involve the utilization of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides. There are many people who ask what is organic farming? advantages of organic farming

 A number of small farmers practice this methodology. However, not all of them are aware of the market opportunities available. Thus, they aren't able to fully reap the benefits of organic-centered farming.

So noted below are some of the advantages small farmers may not be not aware of:

High Premium

Organic products are normally priced around 20-30% higher than their traditional counterparts. This premium is very crucial for every small farmer whose daily income might only be enough to feed their family with one meal a day. With organic products, they can earn more than their usual daily earnings.

Low Investments

Organic farming basically doesn't involve a high capital investment compared to chemical farming. Furthermore, since organic-based fertilizers can be manufactured locally, the annual expenses incurred by the farmer are also low.

Agriculture is highly dependent on external factors, like the change in climate, pets and diseases. Furthermore, most small farmers are highly dependent on the natural rain for their water supply.

Therefore, when natural calamities occur, there is a sudden wave of pests or disease, or there is a change in rain patterns, small farmers practicing organic farming tend to suffer less, since their investments are low.It would do well to remember, though, that while changing from chemical to organic is the best way, it may be a little expensive at first.

Less Dependence on Money Lenders

A lot of small farmers worldwide tend to commit suicide or suffer from intense economic strife because of their increasing debt. Chemical materials, which can be quite expensive, aren't needed in organic-centered farming. Therefore, small farmers tend to not rely on money lenders in order to maintain their farm.For example, in the event that there is crop failure, the farmer is not lead into an enormous debt and it will not force them to take drastic measures.

Teamwork with other forms of life

Organic-centered farming involves a special coordination with different plants and animal life forms. Small farmers are able to comprehend this teamwork strategy and therefore, they find it easy to implement certain farming techniques. There are many people who ask whatis organic farming?
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